Home again



We got home this afternoon, and I think all of us are happy to be home. Of course, after they dropped me off, Mom, Sebastion, and Sophie still had a couple of hours to go. And I heard Sophie barking madly as they pulled out of the driveway--hope THAT didn't last two hours.


Yesterday, we were too busy driving across Oregon through lots of snow, sleet, hail and rain to stop for pictures, but there was a little bit of sunshine--enough to take this picture of Mt. Bachelor at a viewpoint while we let the dogs stretch their legs.




We drove to Silverton yesterday, and spent the night with my Uncle Hal and his wife Carol, who were excellent hosts. Even better, my cousin and cousin-in-law Eric and Lisa drove up to meet us for dinner with their dogs Giacomo and Dutch. We had FOUR DOGS in that house at one time!! 





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Mt. Bachelor
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