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My dad passed away yesterday afternoon after a long bout with Lewy Body Dementia and heart disease.

I got so much from my dad: my love for baseball and golf, my appreciation for hard work, my sense of ethics, and my need to follow rules. There are other things, too, like my love of music: while he didn't talk much about it, I know my dad sang when he was young, and that he sang on the radio. I remember standing next to him at many Christmas Eve church services, listening to his deep bass voice.

When I was really young, people told me that I looked just like my dad. While I liked to hear that, I did have one little niggly worry:  he didn't have any hair.

When I was a young teenager, he used to play golf with his buddies, and I learned to caddy for him. I remember asking him once why WE didn't get to take a cart, and he said, "What do you think I brought YOU for??". Caddying led to golf lessons for me, and my dad caddied for me when I entered a youth tournament. I missed first place by a put, which I know disappointed him, but he was very gracious and supportive about it.


He was so pleased when I had my daughter, Kate. On her 16th birthday, he sent her red roses, and told me that he'd waited 16 years to do that. He was a great grandpa to both Kate and her cousin, Liam.

For the last several years, his Father's Day gift has been tickets to a Mariners game. I'd give him the schedule and have him pick a game. One of the last games he went to was Felix's perfect game.

My parents had high expectations for their daughters, and I know he was proud of all of us, because he told us so, a lot.


I've been missing my dad for awhile, now, since he hasn't been himself, but I have lots of wonderful memories of him. My dad was kind and welcoming to everybody he met, and he made friends easily.  I want more than anything to be more like him.

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