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Kate and I are taking turns working in each other's yards.  A couple of weeks ago we cleaned out a bed and planted strawberries and herbs at her house.  This week it was MY turn!

I had already weeded, so all we had left was 1) deciding how many plants I needed, 2) picking them out and buying them, and 3) planting them.  So, after talking about it for a few minutes, we headed off to the nursery.  Had a lovely time choosing flowers, and then took them home.  Bob made us lunch, and we headed back out to plant before it started to rain on us.

I'm pretty happy with the way the garden weathered the winter.  In the past, I've focused more on annuals, so this is really the first time I've been able to enjoy having plants flower from year to year.  I'e got a few problems:  my rock cress have been taken over by aphids, and it looks like I might have slugs eating some of my stuff.  But, I plan to put out beer to drown the slugs, and get myself a (flock?) of ladybugs to help out with the aphids.

Also, what's up with my peonies?  They don't look like they are going to bloom this year--as a matter of fact, I had to trim some dead stuff off of them. Frowner

Here's what we added this go-round:  Jacob's Ladder, some Rock Soapwort to trail over the top wall, False Lamium, Columbine, and something I'm really looking forward to: Bluebells of Scotland. Smiler  Then I found that cute little turtle, and I knew I had a home for him.

I'm going to add some stuff to the top layer a little bit later.  And, we're going to tear out an ugly bush and replace it with another dogwood, in hopes that the dogwood we have will get the hint and start blooming some year. Roll Eyes
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