Napoli, Day 5


Today was an interesting adventure. We docked in Napoli (Naples) about 12:30pm, and it was windy and raining, and looked fairly miserable. The four of us sat down and talked ourselves into a plan that sounded doable (Paul required 5 extra minutes of private pressure from JoDee): we would take a taxi to the train, ride the train from Napoli to Pompeii, see Pompeii, and come back to the ship. If the weather cleared and we had time, we would check out Napoli, but we weren't optimistic. A train ride sounded cool, though, and we were all interested in Pompeii. So, we set off, but it was pretty obvious as soon as we got off the ship that the weather was even more miserable than we thought it would be. We stuck to the plan, though, at least until we had to run the gauntlet of taxi drivers who wanted to drive us to Pompeii. We managed to extricate ourselves from one situation only to find ourselves in another. By the time we settled on a driver, we had decided that we'd have a nice lunch in Napoli and re-board the ship if the weather hadn't cleared. Our driver, however, kept trying to talk us into letting him drive us to Pompeii, and finally dumped us pretty much as far from the requested lunch place as possible. We walked forever, regularly asking for directions, until we found Lombardi Pizzeria. In the meantime, we were delighted with the scenery, and glad that we'd made the effort to come.



The pizza was amazing. We ate upstairs in the restaurant, and on the way to our table had passed these very small pizzas being served, so thought that's what we were ordering. Imagine our shock when we ordered 4 separate pizzas, and 4 very large pizzas showed up at our table! Of particular interest was Paul's pizza--it had french fries on it! We did a pretty good job on the pizzas, though, and killed a bottle of wine, as well. 


After lunch we walked around some more before heading back. While we were in eating lunch, the sun had come out and it stopped raining. We were going to do some shopping but didn't find much that we wanted to buy. Suddenly, the sky darkened, there was thunder, and it was pouring rain again. We walked all the way back down to the cruise ship in the rain.



PS. The wifi on the ship is INCREDIBLY slow, and it takes over an hour to upload this many photos. I'm trying to be efficient by writing the post and selecting the photos before I even get online, but it's pretty ridiculous. 

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