New place, new garden

I'm so excited to be living in a place where I can plant stuff in the sun! For years and years, I've been stuck with shade plants. Not that shade plants aren't nice, but it's a bit limiting, and there just aren't that many shade-tolerant veggies.


This place came with four large planting beds right out in the sun, and I've been dreaming about this year's garden ever since I saw them. It's been forEVER since I had the opportunity to plant veggies, and I may have gone overboard a bit...


Kate talked me into buying a $9.99 iPad app called Garden Plan Pro, which allows you to design your garden and gives you all kinds of information about the plants and how they fit into your geographical area, weather-wise. Based on your location, you'll get last frost dates and ideal planting times. [Side note: this app was responsible for making me upgrade my first generation iPad to a new iPad Air, because it kept crashing on the old iPad.] While I didn't find the app to be particularly intuitive, I was able to do what I wanted...finally. Here's my plan:




I know what you're thinking. "WHO NEEDS 9 ARTICHOKE PLANTS??"

I really like artichokes.  No, what REALLY happened is that I thought I was ordering 3 plants, and it seems like it may have been 3 sets of 3 plants. 

Good thing my mom ALSO loves artichokes.


Anyway, I spent an evening digging up the garden (pretty much ready


 to go because I did the overwinter thing in the fall), and on Saturday I planted the rhubarb plants I got from Burpee before it started to rain on me.


On Sunday, I went out to plant the rest of the stuff I had in hand, only to discover that SOMEthing had been visiting, and had given my rhubarb 

some..."attention". I think it's a deer, based on this footprint.






I planted everything else, except the artichokes, which are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, along with a tomato plant, a basil plant, and a sweet pepper plant. Those will go in that almost empty bed, along with some flowers (some dahlias and some peonies, at least).



I've still got work to do: the area between the beds is too small for the mower (it's a riding mower), and I think Bob wants to put down some brick there. 


Ready, set, SOW!!!

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