Puerto Rico

We flew from Seattle to Puerto Rico on Friday, April 25th, an all-day trip.  The cruise leaves from Puerto Rico at 11pm on Saturday the 26th, so we spent the night at a hotel, and had all day to play in Puerto Rico before we boarded the ship.  


RT and I started the day with a quick run on the beach, which was nice, although pretty warm and humid.  After breakfast, we all convened on the beach, and spent the morning swimming and sunning ourselves (already we have some impressive sunburns amongst us).


Mid-day, we cleaned up and checked out the hotel,  and, leaving our luggage checked at the hotel, made our way to San Juan.  We split up after checking out one of the two forts in San Juan:  Bob and I headed to El Morro, the big fort, and discovered that Kate and Matt were headed the same way.  Meanwhile, the rest of the group spent a little bit of time in San Juan, and then went back to the hotel for the luggage, to meet us at the dock.


We boarded the ship around 4:30, headed to the buffet for a quick snack, and then hung around waiting for our luggage until almost 7:30.  Emergency drill at 8pm, dinner at 8:30.


Next stop,  St. Thomas!

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El Morro from our cabin balcony
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