Sushi, served pool-side

Well. Served "in pool", actually.


We've talked about buying little feeder fish for the ducks, and Bob came home with a bunch of them today. We put the bag in the pond to acclimate, and just turned them into the pond itself a little while ago. The first thing the ducks did was to get out of the pond and squawk worriedly. 


I came back inside, and pretty soon got a text from Bob: "diving action". They were racing around the pond, chasing the fish, and diving for them. Hard to say how effective they are, but it's pretty hilarious.

 In case you're wondering why there are only two ducks, it's because we've re-homed two of the original four. Bob was beginning to feel like a sewage plan manager, and it was waaay more work than fun for him, so I found someone to take two. They've gone to a place with 5 other ducks and 8 chickens.  Our two remaining, Anna (the brown Rouen) and Thomas (the Ancona) seem to be adjusting OK. Especially since we've just provided an entertaining snack for them! 

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