Walking around Barcelona, Day 1



We set out this morning after breakfast, towards a concentrated area of sights to see. We are staying at a lovely guest house that's like a B&B, and our hostess spent some time with us at breakfast, advising us. Of course, we had already done some research, and had an idea of what we wanted, but she helped us to focus our plan. First stop: STARBUCKS!!!


AlIMG_4102l we did today was walk, much to Bob's eventual dismay. We started out walking past two Antoni Gaudi landmarks: The Gaudi house, which is now a museum, and Casa Battlo (I'm missing umlauts and accents everywhere--sorry!) I didn't take any pictures of the Gaudi house--looks like the exterior is being refurbished, so it's not much to see now, but Casa Battlo is a marvel of imaginative Modernisme. Check out some of these details in the first picture and this one.





Just past here, we ran into a public plaza where people were buying birdseed and feeding the pigeons. I know they are just pigeons, but I couldn't resist. I bought a little bag, and before I knew it, I was covered in pigeons!! 





We kept walking towards the Port, to La Rambla. This is a shopping district that is pedestrian-friendly. Lots of lots of little kiosks selling everything from cheap souvenirs to gardening needs. It's probably about 10-15 blocks long, and I practically got whiplash trying to take in everything.





We saw this, and I thought it was a cool statue, while Bob tried to convince me that it was a person. I must have watched her for a minute, and she never blinked. Finally, I saw the bowl for change, and some kid put a few pennies in the bowl, and she moved. Well done!!


We took a brief detour from La Rambla to visit the market, which was absolutely amazing. The locals shop at this market, although some tourists venture in (like us). It's full of seafood, meat, vegetables, little cafes, etc, and everything is gorgeously presented. If we can figure out how to get back there our last day (post-cruise) we want to bring JoDee and Paul here.

Candy at the market

Look at the candy!! I wanted to buy some, just because it's so gorgeous! And the seafood! I know it's raw, but it's pretty amazing...                    


Seafood at the market











And Dave, LOOKIE!!!

For Dave


After the market, we headed on down to the Port. It's beautiful down there, too: gorgeous buildings with all kinds of lovely Gothic and Baroque detail mixed with modern statues, etc.


Then we went to the Cathedral Santa Maria del Mar, had a lovely lunch, visited the Picasso Museum, and stumbled back home. We're not done yet, but I suspect we won't be straying far from home this evening. Tomorrow we have some other things to see, and then we have to embark the cruise ship in the afternoon.  Woo-hoo!!

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